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4×4 Fitouts in Perth

Essential 4×4 Fitouts in Perth

When you’re adventuring off-road in the middle of Australia’s legendary outback, safety, freedom and independence are critical. When you’re out there, you never know what surprises the terrain is going to throw your way, so you have to ensure that you have high-quality 4×4 equipment and accessories that you can rely on in even the hairiest situations.

Although travelling with two vehicles is always a safer option, we all know that it’s not always possible and as such you must have the ability to help yourself out of sticky situations on your own. At the end of the day, the best equipment and accessories are going to make a big impact on your safety and the enjoyability of your trip.

Why 4×4 Fitouts Are Important

While some of the off-road accessories are built for comfort and style, there’s also some that simply can’t be left behind when going on an outback adventure. They are designed to protect your vehicle and stop uninvited objects from invading your bumper, windscreen and the rest of your vehicle. A bull-bar is one of the most important accessories to consider for your 4×4 vehicles; you never know what kind of collisions you’ll have in the outback and you want to protect your vehicle as much as possible.

Coastals: The 4×4 Fitout Specialists

When it comes to another essential 4×4 fitouts we believe that a safari snorkel is right up there with the most important. If you are taking your vehicle off-road and intend on having an epic adventure then the safari snorkel will ensure that the air coming into your vehicle is clean and dry. The main focus of a safari snorkel is to ensure that you don’t get any water into your engine, which could destroy it and cut your trip very short. However, they are also excellent for the outback because they also stop dust from getting into your intake valves – and we all know how much dust there is out there. Anyone serious about the 4×4 off roading adventure will be sure to have a high-quality off-road safari snorkel fitting on their vehicle.

At Coastals, we are all passionate about 4x4ing and we treat your vehicle as if it were our own; we only sell products and services that we would use on our own 4wd. So you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best.

Fitout Your 4×4 With A Competent Suspension

One thing that we’ve learned through our combined decades of experience in the 4wd community is that suspension is one of the most important components for a pleasant 4wd journey. A good suspension is essential to keep you going in Australia’s harsh terrains. All of your springs and shock absorbers only last so long, especially if you are giving your vehicle a lot of time out on the landscape. It’s imperative to make sure your 4×4 suspension and shock absorbers are in good condition: without them you could be caught in some very serious situations. Most vehicles come with a standard suspension manufacturing handle load and so if you know that you are going to be packing heavy on your trips, then we’d advise getting a suspension upgrade to meet all of your handling, towing and carrying requirements in harsh conditions.

Get In Touch With The 4×4 Fitout Specialists

Whether you are going on your first 4wd adventure or you are just looking to add a little safety and security to your trusty vehicle, choosing the best 4×4 accessories online and fit outs for your vehicle is important.
Come visit our 4×4 fitout in Perth or simply give us a call and we’ll happily help you out to get ready for your next off-road journey.