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About Coastals

Coastals is an amalgamation of Coastal 4×4 & WA Diff Centre. Mel Grier purchased the business of Coastal 4×4 in September 2017. With the joining of both businesses, we now have Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Motor Trimmers, 4×4 accessorie fitters and of course specialist driveline mechanics from WA Diff Centre. Yes it is a squeeze at our combined home but plans are well under way for our new purpose built facility. Watch this space!

We are proud to offer all our clients:

  • Friendly professional service.
  • As an independent 4×4 shop- the largest range of brands available under one roof.
  • Combined 75 years of experience in our sales team alone.
  • 4×4 service and mechanical repairs.
  • Differential and gearbox repairs. From full overhaul to axle seal replacement.
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4×4 Shops & 4wd Stores in Perth

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your 4×4 needs, then you don’t have to look any further than Coastals. Whether you’re looking for a service, repairs, maintenance or the latest 4×4 accessories on the market – we’ve got it.

The Premier 4×4 Store in Perth

We’re incredibly proud and excited to set the standards for 4×4 shops Perth with tons of new, high-tech 4×4 accessories and equipment that will make your on-road and off-road adventures equally as awesome. Our wide range of modern equipment is complemented by our world-class customer service; we are constantly trying to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Why Coastals Is The Ultimate 4×4 Shop in Perth

Coastals is a tantalising combination of Coastal 4×4 and WA Diff Centre that has turned us into one of the most sought after 4wd shops in Perth. Although both businesses were excelling on their own, together we make a formidable team of highly experienced, passionate people who love everything about 4×4.

The amalgamation has resulted in us offering Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Motor Trimmers, 4×4 accessory fitters and specialist driveline mechanics all under one roof. We really mean that we are a one-stop 4×4 shop in Perth.

Our wide range of accessories includes everything from battery trays and bullbars to recovery equipment, lighting, storage and pretty much everything else in between.

Why buy with Coastals 4×4?

There’s a reason that we’re one of the most popular 4wd stores in Perth and these are just some of the things that our clients love about us:

  • 200 years combined experience: Let’s get this straight, none of us are even close to 200 years old, but when you combine all of our staff members and the number of years that we have in the 4×4 field, we easily cross that line. Our staff are the creme of the crop when it comes to their expertise, and every clients knows that they can rest assured that we know what we’re doing.
  • Quality workmanship: When you have the amount of experience that we do, it goes to say that we are incredible at what we do. However, what sets us apart from the rest of 4×4 stores in Perth is that all of our employees live, breathe and eat 4×4 and that means we are as passionate about our clients’ vehicle and their adventures as they are.
  • Large 600sqm workshop: After the amalgamation, we had a lot of people and a lot of vehicles to fit into one space. Our brand new mechanic workshop in Perth is 600sqm and gives us and our clients all the room they need to comfortably kit out their cars.
  • Massive range: Have we mentioned that we stock everything 4×4? Our accessory range is magnificent and we’re bound to have whatever it is you need in our store and if you’re looking for something specialised – let us know and we can get our hands on it for you.
  • Unrivalled customer service: When it comes to customer service, we never deliver anything but the best. From our support teams to our sales and our mechanics to technicians; every one of us knows that the customer is the most important and we treat them as such to ensure they have an incredible experience with Coastals.

Have a look at our 4×4 shop in Perth for an extensive range of 4wd accessories and services all under one roof. Place an order at our shops, through the 4WD online store or contact us directly and we’ll happily help you out.

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We are so confident in our services, that if you’re
not 100% satisfied then we will refund 100% of your money



At Coastals customer Service is our #1 priority.


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The Coastal Club

Join our club and we will keep you updated with not only our in store specials, but the goings on at Coastals and the 4wd scene. Photos of current builds and other tips and tricks we pick up on that may be of interest.

Why choose Coastals?

◊ 200 years combined experience

◊ Quality Workmanship

◊ Professional Service

◊ Large 600SQM Workshop

◊ Fitting by qualified staff

◊ Large Showroom

◊ Just off the freeway

◊ Huge range

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