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Servicing & Vehicle Maintenance

At Coastals we don’t offer a budget price service because with limited time allowed on your vehicle items could be missed. It is essential to inspect all components and advise where there is excessive wear so a remidy can be put in place. This in turn helps our customers to plan for major maintaince items rather than suffer a break down and have an unexpected repair bill. Regular servicing is the key to keeping your 4×4 out on the tracks and least time spent in a workshop. Before your next adventure be sure to book in for a pre trip mechanical inspection to ensure a safe and enjoyable holliday. Read More

The Best 4WD Service Perth wide

Before getting ready to hit the tracks on your next off-road adventure, it really is worth getting your vehicle checked out to ensure your trip goes smoothly. As 4x4 owners and lovers ourselves, we know all too well that we can put our vehicles through some pretty precarious situations and the last thing you want when you’re barrelling through the outback is for an essential piece of equipment to give in without any way to get it fixed. Our 4wd service Perth wide can help you out with any mechanic or service questions and can even fitout your 4wd with extra accessories.

Why choose our 4WD service?

Our 4WD service centre in Perth is fully stocked with the latest tools and technology to ensure that your trip can be fully kitted out with the right spare 4x4 parts, supplies, gear and some awesome extra 4wd accessories that will make you look and feel good when you’re out there. Browse through our range of accessories to see what we’re talking about.

Coastals 4WD drive service in Perth

The four wheel drive vehicles of today are much more technologically advanced than they used to be and it’s a seldom occasion when you can pop the hood, get in with a wrench and fix whatever broke without delaying your trip. These new vehicles have all sorts of electronic and technically advanced systems that will take a fully qualified 4x4 specialist to sort out. So whether you’re in a full 4wd, a part-time 4wd or even an automatic, we suggest you come and get everything checked out to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We provide specialist 4wd services on all 4wd vehicles and equipment.

High-quality, professional services

There are a few reasons why we are Perth’s best 4x4 service centre:
  • We give estimates: Before we do any comprehensive work on your vehicle, you’ll hear from us with a quote to ensure you know what needs to be done. We won’t surprise you with any additions to the bill or put you out of pocket. We have an ingrained honesty and communication policy with all our customers about what we need to do with their vehicles to get them in tip top shape.
  • We are trusted: Coastals is a company that clients love to trust. We are all well-known, passionate 4x4 enthusiasts that have been in business for many decades. We’re not just here to service your vehicle either; we’re more than happy to chat to you about your trip and give you tips on where to go and what to see. Who doesn’t love a good story swapping session?
  • Quality guaranteed: Between us and the folks from WA Diff Centre, we’re packing some serious heat when it comes to knowledge and experience in the 4x4 industry. With a combined 200 years between our team, we can guarantee that you will get only the most skilled, highly trained mechanics working on your car to give you the best results.
Whether you are bringing your vehicle in for a service or repair or looking for more 4wd equipment in Perth, you can do so confidently knowing that we only use products and parts that are of the highest quality. We know that what we off our clients is the best out there because what you get, is what we use on our own vehicles and that’s only the top notch stuff. We treat every vehicle as if it was one of our own.

Come to our 4wd service centre in Perth

If you’d like to get first-hand experience of our skilled auto and general services, then simply pop into our shop or contact us directly and one of our amazing team members will get hold of you as soon as possible. Read Less

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