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Unrivalled Four Wheel Drive Accessories In Perth

The serious outback adventurer knows better than anyone how vital it is that you bring the right equipment with you in case you get into a sticky situation. This same principle extends to your four-wheeler. That’s why, at Coastals, we supply all the Perth 4WD accessories could possibly need when driving long distance off the beaten track. Make sure to also get your 4WD serviced in Perth before your trip as you don’t want your vehicle breaking down on a long journey!

Essential  4WD Accessories For Off-Road Adventuring In Perth

The Bullbar – Often the unsung hero of the 4wd setup, the bullbar is often the gateway accessory on track to a well-sorted 4X4. Affording all-important frontal protection from things like stray bushland and animal strikes, the front also allows you to indulge in other important accessories like winches, aerials and driving lights.

Tyres – Quite often the bane of a new 4X4 purchase, highway tyres, whilst quiet and well mannered, don’t really cut it on a bona fide 4wd when the going gets tough. Gone are the days of rough and noisy cross-ply off-road tyres though, nowadays you can really have your cake and eat it too. Spending money on a good set of tyres is always a good investment, allowing your vehicle to perform to its maximum both on and off-road, for tens of thousands of kilometres into the future. Also, they look awesome!

The Roof Rack – When you plan on hitting the road for a while, you want to make sure you remember everything. There isn’t always room for everything in the car, especially when the whole family is going. Roof racks allow you to pack those bigger, bulkier things out of the way and free up valuable space in the rig. Putting too much heavy stuff up on top will compromise your centre of gravity too much though, so be smart about where you pack things.

Driving Lights – 4wd touring often means long days (and nights) on the road, and a good set of driving lights can go a long way to battle fatigue and weariness for the driver. You have more choices than ever these days, with more acronyms than an army handbook to wade through when choosing the right light. One thing’s for sure, reducing strain on the eyes and allowing you to spot possible dangers earlier than normal makes driving lights a must have on a well-sorted touring 4X4.

Equip Your Vehicle With 4×4 Accessories

We’ve lost count of the number of vehicles that we’ve seen carrying high-lift jacks, despite the fact that most modern 4WDs will sustain some body damage if a high-lift jack is used near their tender body panels. A high-lift works safely and effectively only if the front, rear and sidebars have inbuilt sockets for jack attachment.

This is a typical example of a poor accessory purchase and there are many others. Other bad accessory choices include

  • Winches installed on vehicles that never go off-road
  • Mud-pattern tyres on 4WDs that spend nearly all their time in the suburbs
  • High 4×4 suspension lifts that make entry and exit difficult and compromise on-road handling
  • Heavy roof racks that are difficult to remove and store when not being used, causing a fuel consumption penalty even when empty.

Why come to Coastals for your Perth 4×4 Accessories needs?

If you are looking for the best four wheel drive accessories Perth 4×4 owners can find, you’ll want to shop with Coastals. We have an unbeatable range of quality products that will level-up your driving experience to make it more comfortable, more fun, and extra safe.

Here’s a closer look at why you should choose to shop with Coastals and what makes our shopping experience so entirely unique.

We stock a wide range of accessories that can transform your driving experience. We have everything from battery trays and bullbars to canopies and everything beyond. All of our products are responsibly sourced and tested for absolute quality.

Every member of our team understands our range of products both inside and out. We know why they are so great and how they can fit with your existing system. If you need a trusted and expert recommendation, we are here for you.

We have great links with our providers, and this means that we can get the best products at the best prices. We then pass those savings along to you, our customer.

Coastals has been delivering the quality 4×4 accessories Perth WA drivers love for over 12 years. We relish every sale and the opportunity to help people get the accessories that they are looking for. We have also learned from all of our experiences over the years and capitalised on every opportunity to improve.

When you are looking to purchase an accessory for your 4WD, you need to know that you’re in safe hands. You can take comfort in the extent and diversity of our experience.

You don’t want to have to head off the beaten track to have to get your 4WD accessories. This is inconvenient for you, and it’s not fair if a company makes you do all the legwork. That’s why we have invested in a convenient and central location that you can quickly access.

Our location means that we are never too far away and that you can get access to your 4WD accessories as and when you need them. It’s also our pleasure to welcome you to our store, where we have a large space on offer. You can try out our products and accessories here.

There’s nothing worse than trying to purchase a product with your hard-earned money, only to find that the staff member you’re speaking with has no idea about your needs. That’s never a worry when you shop with us, given that every single member of our team is a true expert. We understand every accessory in our range and when you might want to implement them.

If you want expert insight into your needs, be sure to shop with Coastals. It will be our pleasure to recommend that products that are right for you and help you to get what you’re looking for.

Need 4×4 Accessories Advice In Perth?

It’s important to make sure that you are buying the appropriate accessory for the right reason. At Coastals we have the expertise to install all accessories on your 4×4 as well as the knowledge to advise on exactly what you should be looking for. So if you need four wheel drive accessories in Perth then give our Coastals 4WD Perth Shop a call today and we’ll get you on your way.

Why choose Coastals?

◊ 15 years experience

◊ Quality Workmanship

◊ Professional Service

◊ Large 600SQM Workshop

◊ Fitting by qualified staff

◊ Large Showroom

◊ Just off the freeway

◊ Huge range

Coastals 4WD Accessories & Service

At coastals we are committed to 4-wheeling and passionate about what we do – providing the best 4×4 accessories and service to our customers. Quality 4wd parts and accessories at an outstanding price with customer service that’s second to none – that’s who we are. Coastals prides itself in providing quality sales and service that no other company can offer.

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