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Get Jaw-Dropping Off-Road Performance And Vital Safety Improvements With A High-Quality 4X4 Suspension System

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Quality Suspension Upgrades Enhance Vehicle Safety And Improve Off-Road Performance

Looking to make your 4×4 the ultimate off-roader? Will you be carrying or towing heavy loads? Or is your suspension feeling rough and stiff? Then a quality suspension upgrade is exactly what you need. At Coastals, our expert team has been helping 4wd enthusiasts with their suspension for over 29 years.

The right suspension upgrade is one of the best modifications you can make. It gives you higher clearance for uneven terrain, increases your maximum weight load and makes for a smoother ride. Plus, a lift kit makes your vehicle look like a serious off-road machine!

Confidently Take Your 4x4 Through All Types Of Rough Terrain Like Rocks, Hills And Riverbeds

The best camping and off-roading locations are usually remote. This means most vehicles simply can’t get there – even regular 4×4’s. The terrain is too rocky, the mud holes are too deep or the riverbed channels are too uneven. It doesn’t have to be like this for you though.

With the right suspension system you can handle virtually any terrain with ease. You can confidently explore the country and take your rig anywhere – no matter how remote. You’ll also have bragging rights because your 4×4 can go further and harder than anyone else on the trip.

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Get FREE Expert Advice On How To Improve Your 4x4’s Safety And Performance With The Perfect Suspension Setup!

Here’s A Taste Of What We’ll Cover When You Claim Your Free 15-Minute Info Session

  1. WARNING: Cheap Suspension Could Have Fatal Consequences

    We all want to save money where we can, however suspension is one place you do NOT want to skimp – we’ll show you affordable kits that aren’t unsafe

  2. Expensive Suspension Kits Are Always The Best Right? Wrong!

    You get what you pay for in most things in life, however this isn’t always the case with suspension – some of the dearest ‘upgrades’ are really downgrades!

  3. IFS, IRS Or Live Axle Suspension – What Do You Need To Upgrade?

    There are many benefits to independent suspension, but which one do you really need? We’ll explain the differences and help you find the right system

  4. Why A Quality Suspension Kit Should Be At The Top Of Your List

    When it comes to modifying your 4x4 vehicle, nothing comes close to improving performance like suspension – this should be the first thing you do!

  5. The Best Suspension For Serious Off-Roading And Rock Crawling

    If you like taking your vehicle over extreme terrain and testing how it performs, then we have just the right systems for you – you won’t be disappointed!

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Get FREE Expert Advice On How To Improve Your 4x4’s Safety And Performance With The Perfect Suspension Setup!

Cheap Or Stock Suspension Compromises Safety When Off-Roading And Towing

Do you go touring or take extended camping trips? Will you be towing trailers or a caravan around? Stock and cheap aftermarket suspension can be dangerous – especially with heavy loads. This compromises your braking ability and can lead to damage to other components on your vehicle.

Get peace of mind by upgrading your suspension. It won’t just look better and improve off-road performance. It also means you can safely carry more weight in your vehicle, tow heavier loads and shorten your stopping distance in the event of emergency braking. Read More

Diff Center With The Best Differential Specialists in Perth, WA

Looking To Upgrade Your 4WD Suspension In Perth? Then we have the mechanics, the insight, the equipment and the workshop to overhaul your new suspension system and give you a brand new driving experience. At Coastals we have been installing and maintaining 4x4 suspension systems for years. As a bunch of fellow four-wheelers, we can’t help but check on our own whenever there’s space free in the 4WD Perth Coastal Shop.

The Workhorse Hidden Beneath Your Vehicle

What’s under your 4wd and how it’s performing is integral to know if you want your rig in optimum condition. Just because it's out of sight, definitely doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. In terms of your 4X4’s performance, nothing is more important than a well sorted and reliable suspension setup. There’s a dizzying array of aftermarket stuff available, all with their own pros and cons. If you want a reliable tourer, this corner has probably been your first port of call when it comes to accessorising your rig. Whilst you might be able to skimp in other areas, when it comes to the suspension it is definitely a case of getting what you pay for.

For the first time, 4x4 buyer upgrading your suspension can greatly improve your driving experience and make off-road travel much more comfortable. However, you should definitely consult a professional with experience in four-wheel suspension before deciding on a new setup or attempting to install one yourself. Each vehicle has its own height specifications which can affect how you should approach a new suspension set up. Avoid potential heartbreak by consulting with Coastals to ensure you don’t hamper your vehicle and burn an unnecessary hole in your pocket. We also do modifications to make sure your 4x4 is the best it can be.

Keep An Eye On Your Suspension

Some of the signs that your 4x4 suspension components may be worn out include:
  • The vehicle nose dipping forward when you apply the brake
  • Leakage of oil in the shock absorbers
  • Uneven tyre tread wear
  • The vehicle handles poorly when coming around corners
A single worn out shock absorber can dramatically reduce your vehicle’s stopping distance which could be the difference between life and death. By hiring an expert mechanic from Coastal to do your suspension, you can be assured that we will properly install your new system. The results will be noticeable the moment you roll out of our workshop:
  • Road-shock transfers well during towing
  • Smoother ride that comes with maximum comfort
  • Enhanced driver stability, handling and traction in different conditions
  • Longer life for your tyres
  • Minimal fatigue suffered by driver and passengers

Choose Coastals For All Your Suspension Upgrades

Whether you are an experienced off-roader or a first-time buyer looking to upgrade your 4x4 suspension Perth be sure to contact Coastals. We have everything you need at a competitive price and can fitout your new 4x4 vehicle quickly and efficiently. If you’re unsure what type of lift you should get for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to help and advise. So don’t delay, give us a call today. Read Less

Unbiased Expert Advice On The Perfect Suspension For Your Purposes And Budget

At Coastals, we have over 26,000 parts in stock – including the vast majority of major suspension brands Our workshop also has 120 years of combined experience maintaining and fitting suspension on 4×4’s. Most importantly though, we’re genuine off-road enthusiasts ourselves.

This means we know the products inside out and truly take joy in making your vehicle as tough, capable and reliable as we can. Speak to our expert team today and get free unbiased advice on perfect suspension for your needs and budget.

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Get FREE Expert Advice On How To Improve Your 4x4’s Safety And Performance With The Perfect Suspension Setup!

4 Easy Steps To Build Your Dream 4x4 Setup

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Claim your free 15-minute information session with one of
our specialists – we’ll discuss your vehicle and what suspension will fit your purposes best.

Choose Your New Suspension

After we know what you’ll be using the suspension for most, we’ll recommend suitable systems to match your budget and you choose the one you like most.

Express 1-Day Installation

Next, we’ll book you in at the first available appointment and we guarantee to complete your installation within 1 day – or we pay you $500 for your trouble!

Enjoy Your New Suspension

Just 24hrs later, you’ll have your pride and joy back on the road – except now you’ll have a new suspension system, ready to handle the toughest terrain!

Speak To A Specialist Now

Get FREE Expert Advice On How To Improve Your 4x4’s Safety And Performance With The Perfect Suspension Setup!

These Industry Leaders All Trust Coastals

Speak To A Specialist Now

Get FREE Expert Advice On How To Improve Your 4x4’s Safety And Performance With The Perfect Suspension Setup!

The Rock-Solid Coastals Double Guarantee

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
On All Parts Installed

We back ourselves and the quality of our parts and fittings. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the part or accessory you’ve purchased, or there is an issue with your fitting – simply let us know and we’ll fix the issue or happily refund every single dollar you’ve paid us.

1 Day Suspension Upgrade –
Or We’ll Pay You $500!

We know your 4×4 is important to you – when you bring it in for a suspension upgrade our promise to you is that we’ll have it operational for you within 24 hours.

We back ourselves and we guarantee to have you back out on the road for a smoother driving experience within 24 hours that if we don’t we’ll give you $500 cash for your troubles!

Our Clients Keep Coming Back Because We Give You Expert Advice And Good Old-Fashioned Service

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Get FREE Expert Advice On How To Improve Your 4x4’s Safety And Performance With The Perfect Suspension Setup!


Claim Your FREE 15 Minute Suspension Information Session + Free Estimate And Quote

Thinking about suspension upgrade and not sure where to start? Speak with a suspension specialist today and we’ll reveal the perfect suspension kit for your 4×4 vehicle.

Here’s what you’ll get on your information session:

  • Stock suspension vs. aftermarket suspension – we’ll reveal why suspension is the ultimate upgrade for 4×4 enthusiasts and why you should never trust your stock setup!
  • 3 signs your 4×4 is overloaded and dangerously unsafe – if you’ve added a bar, long range fuel tank, tools or camping gear – you could be risking your life by overloading – find out how to easily identify this and eliminate it forever!
  • Thinking about off roading in your 4×4? Depending on your make and model, will let you know the perfect lift your vehicle needs to conquer any off road challenge you throw at it!
  • Confused by the tough W.A laws around suspension lift? We’ll help you navigate the regulations for your unique vehicle to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.
  • 1 simple trick for identifying if your suspension is worn out – and what you can do to reduce the rate of your suspension wearing out so you can avoid costly repairs
  • After the session, our suspension specialist will give you a full run down of the perfect suspension kit based off your requirements. This will be customized for your make and model and you will be provided with a FREE No Obligation Quote

The first 10 people to apply for an information session for [DYNAMIC MONTH] will also qualify for FREE Installation valued up to $200 if you decide to install a suspension kit with Coastals.