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WA Diff Centre is Western Australia’s only dedicated differential specialists. We provide a vital diff repair service to retail and trade customers in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Our services include differential reconditioning, repairs, modifications and conversions to:

  • Rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Four wheel drive vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles

With more than 20 years’ experience working on differentials, combined with our expert knowledge, the latest technology as well as excellent staff, you can rest assured your vehicles are being taken good care of.

Our confidence in our workers and workmanship means we can offer a 2-year/40,000km guarantee on our work.
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Diff Center With The Best Differential Specialists in Perth, WA

We wouldn’t have the pleasure of 4 wheel drive if it weren’t for the differential spreading torque evenly across all wheels and controlling the speed of each wheel. Without the differential gearing assembly inside your 4×4, you wouldn’t be able to go off-road with any degree of comfort or safety. Therefore it is important to make sure this key element is well maintained and used correctly. At Coastals, the home of the WA Diff Centre, we have been installing, servicing and repairing differential systems for generations and have the experience and the expertise that your system needs to keep it in good shape.

The Component That Makes All The Difference

Driving on rough roads or uneven terrains can cause either or both front and rear wheels to lift off the ground or lose traction. A fast spinning, lifted wheel that suddenly hits the ground can disable your 4×4 or cause certain components to break. This can leave you stranded in difficult terrain and unable to move your vehicle, a dangerous situation to find yourself in out in the wild.

A diff locker locks the differentials (both axles and/or wheels) forcing them to rotate at the same rate and allowing the disabled vehicle to move forward. It’s essential to know the right time to switch the diff lockers on and off. Diff lockers, or traction aids, help prevent damage to the driveline when travelling through rough roads and tough terrains. However, even with a diff locker installed your vehicle is still susceptible to wear and tear.

How To Recognise A Failing Differential

Failing differentials can cause a host of problems for your vehicle. The easiest way to spot differential problems is by listening to your 4×4. Clunking, howling or any other strange noises you hear are indicators that you need to have your differential checked out by a professional. If your differential is acting up or your 4wd has gone beyond its gear oil service interval, it might be time to replace the oil. As a safety precaution, you should always stick to your maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle running properly and minimise differential problems.

Differential faults can be the result of a wide range of issues including:

  • Loose or worn out pinions bearing preloads or gear sets
  • Worn or damaged carrier or wheel bearings
  • Worn pinion bearings
  • Worn clutches, u-joints, axle splines, slip yoke splines or spider gears
  • Poor lubrication
  • Chipped or broken pinion gear or ring gear teeth or worn carrier case-side gearboxes
  • Worn u-joint, unbalanced driveshaft or poorly aligned pinion angle
  • Worn or damaged u-joints

The Perth Differential Doctors

At Coastals, home of the WA Diff Centre, no matter what the issue may be with your differential, we have everything your vehicle needs, including parts and 4WD equipment and we understand exactly how to get your 4wd in good working order and back on the road. So, if you hear an unsettling noise from your 4×4 getting it checked out by an expert right away can save you money in the long run. Give the Perth Coastals 4×4 store a call today and we’ll wave your differential problems away.
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We also repair 4wd gearbox and transfer cases, we can fit new clutches to 4wd’s, and other major repair work.

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