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Coastal 4×4 was solely a 4×4 accessory provider. This business was built by a bunch of pasionate people who wanted to provide their customers with a bit more than just a limited range of gear from one brand. What has evolved out of that vision is truly something special read on and I will explain what Coastals is about today. As is often the case with small businesses, plans will change people move on to other opportunities and businesses will even change management. Coastal 4×4 is no exception.

In 2007 Coastal 4×4 was started by two guys with that vision to provide something more. The original partners having been working in the industry most of their adult life new very well what they wanted to achieve for their customers, a broad range of the best quality accessories with a fitting service to match.

After 10 successful years one of the remaining founding partners decides to move on to other opportunities, enter WA Diff Centre. “When I heard of this opportunity I knew it was time to expand our niche business” said Mel Grier, owner of Coastal 4×4 & WA Diff Centre. Hence “Coastals” was reinvented to combine both brands.

The amalgamation of both businesses has further bolstered the skill set and experience of the team at Coastals. We have all the automotive trades under one roof and expanding all the time. Our services now cover 4×4 accessories, diff and driveline overhauls, mechanical repairs and servicing, auto electrical upgrades and repairs.

The result for our customers is a one stop shop for all their 4×4 needs. With some of the original staff still here at Coastals it goes to show the culture of our team members is such that achieving a quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction is a top priority for all involved. Mel goes on to say “I have owned a lot of service based businesses but Coastals is different to anything encountered before, I was expecting egoes to be a problem but these guys work together each with their individual recognised strengths to achieve outstanding results.”

If you need anything for your next trip or maybe a vehicle check over then you must give the guys at Coastals a call. And don’t forget, the WA Diff Centre guys are still there working on everything from vintage cars, sports cars, work vehicles and of course 4×4’s providing a diagnosis, upgrade and repair service for all things differential.

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