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Make Your 4x4 Vehicle The Ultimate Off-Road Weapon – With Looks To Match!

Whether you want to make your vehicle an off-road beast, or just improve the way it looks and functions – you’re in the right place. At Coastals, we have the widest range of parts and accessories in W.A which means we have everything you need to customise it for your specific purposes.

It starts by clearly defining your needs – what you use your vehicle for, what terrain you drive on and how often you head out. After we nail this down, our experts can help you build a setup which matches your requirements and your budget.

Customise Your 4x4 To Your Style And Make Your Rig Stand Out From Stock Setups

Let’s face it. Stock setups are bland and boring. No-one wants their rig to look like every other vehicle on the road. You never truly reach your vehicles potential for off-road capability or functionality either. Don’t worry though – you can easily fix this with some good, old-fashioned modification.

You can give your vehicle greater protection with bull bars, rock sliders and bash plates. Add a dual battery system for a fridge and camping lights. Or completely fit out the interior with shelves, drawers and other storage so you can go touring for months on end!

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Here’s A Taste Of What We’ll Cover When You Claim Your Free 10-Minute Consultation

  1. BEWARE: Cheap Online Parts Could Leave You Stranded

    It might seem like a good idea to buy parts online – but if you take your vehicle through punishing terrain, you’ll be replacing these cheap knockoffs in no time

  2. The Most Overlooked Accessories For Your Touring Setup

    Do you take your vehicle on long trips? Then these accessories make your life so much easier when you’re on the road – DO NOT be caught without them!

  3. How To Build A Off-Road Weapon Even With A Limited Budget

    You don’t need $30,000+ to build an extremely capable 4x4 – we’ll show you how you can make your vehicle an off-road beast even with a modest budget

  4. Why You Should Only Ever Use A Reputable 4x4 Specialist

    When you use a regular mechanic or fit-out shop, they just don’t have the specialised knowledge – this can have serious consequences for your 4x4!

  5. Every Single Part You Need To Build Your Dream 4x4 Setup

    We’ll compile a complete list of all the parts and accessories you need to bring your vision to life so you have a clear blueprint on the costs and timelines

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Modifying Your 4x4 To Perfectly Suit Your Needs

Expert Advice On How To Build Your Dream 4x4 Setup And Bring Your Vision To Life

What’s your vision for your 4×4? Do you want to create the ultimate rock-climber with upgraded suspension, huge tyres and front and rear locking diffs? Or just to be able to drive your vehicle tens of thousands of kilometres, take it anywhere in this sun-beaten country and be confident you’ll make it back in one piece?

Whatever it is, our 4×4 experts can help. We can advise you on every part and accessory you need; create a wish list, timeline and budget for the project; and recommend what to install first if you want to finish it in stages.

Be The Envy Of Every 4x4 Enthusiast You See On The Road Or Off The Beaten Track

Imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you pull up to your next 4×4 trip in your new custom rig. Diff lockers, 12,000lbs winch, fully independent suspension and 33” tyres – everything you need to take it over the roughest terrain. When others are forced to stop and turn back, you can push further without a worry in the world.

You’ll be the king of the road – and the king off the road. Wherever you choose to travel, you’ll get a tip of the hat from anyone who knows 4×4’s. Plus, your vehicle looks as awesome as it performs! Read More

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Modifying Your 4x4 To Perfectly Suit Your Needs

4x4 Modification Specialists in Perth, WA

Looking For Pro 4x4 Modifications In Perth? Coastals have all you need to get your 4WD ready for your next off-road adventure. With decades of experience servicing and upgrading 4x4s, there’s no better place in Australia for quality modifications that will move and improve your vehicle like never before.

Modify Your 4WD To Your Heart’s Content

At Coastals we can handle all of your custom 4wd modifications in Perth. We’re passionate about off-roading and our modifications reflect this. There is no limit to how much you can adjust your 4w4 to suit your needs. Our customers regularly come to us to install or upgrade:

Bullbars - Protect the front of your vehicle from off-road damage. Bullbars also make a good location for a mounted winch, aerials and lights. It’s important to make sure that the bullbar is compatible with airbags.

Tyres - Standard tyres on most 4x4s are not specifically designed for outback travel and could fail during a challenging drive. Tyres with light truck construction are recommended rather than regular passenger construction as light truck tyres have a stronger carcass and thicker sidewalls. They’re designed to carry heavy weights, handle higher pressures and are less prone to damage compared to passenger tyres.

Long-Range Fuel Tanks - If you’re planning to travel to remote areas with your 4x4, you need to ensure that you have enough fuel. However, carrying extra fuel may be bothersome or risky. Upgrading to a long-range fuel tank allows you to carry enough fuel for your long drive, and you can place the tank under your vehicle, so no extra space is occupied.

Satellite Phones - Outback travels are usually long, and remote areas may not have network signal for your mobile phone. If you want to communicate with friends or if you need to contact people in an emergency then a satellite phone is the best solution.

Driving Lights - Remote areas are usually dark after sunset. Extra driving lights are essential especially if you expect to be driving during the night. The best lights are a combination of both wide and pencil beams. Lights that are vibration-resistant, waterproof, and have a mounting system that can be adjusted easily are the most recommended.

You can also view our 4WD parts in our online store.

Your 4WD Modification Is In Safe Hands

Before undertaking any modifications or upgrades, there are a few things you should consider:
  • What you actually need based on the type of trips you plan to do and the areas you plan to visit.
  • What you want to modify in the vehicle as a whole, as each modification may affect other components.
  • Do your modifications need to be approved by an engineer, as this is required for insurance and legal purposes.
  • Check the rules about 4x4 modifications because not all types are allowed by the law. Secure licences where necessary.
At Coastals we can help with all of the above and are happy to advise on anything you are unsure about. It’s always best to get your accessories from one supplier and to have the same 4WD professional do all modifications to your vehicle. This will ensure that the 4x4 accessories and the modifications are compatible and will function effectively together.

Coastals Executes The Best 4WD Modifications In Perth

So for the best 4wd modifications in Perth, there’s only one place to look. Call Coastals or check out our website today and see how we can fix your vehicle up just how you dreamed. We’ll have you back on the road, or offroad, in no time at all. Read Less

4 Easy Steps To Build Your Dream 4x4 Setup

Claim Your Free Consultation

Claim your free 10-minute express consultation with one of our specialists – we’ll discuss your vehicle and the parts you need to build your dream 4x4.

Create A Modification Wishlist

After we’ve clearly defined the vision you have for your 4x4, we’ll compile a detailed list of every part, accessory and modification you need to complete it.

Install Parts And Accessories

When you’re happy to move ahead, we’ll begin installing the parts to your vehicle – we can do this in stages to make the budget more manageable.

Enjoy Your Dream 4x4 Setup

Just a short time later your new 4x4 setup will be complete – you can now take your pride and joy on the next trip and enjoy having the baddest 4x4!

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Modifying Your 4x4 To Perfectly Suit Your Needs

These Industry Leaders All Trust Coastals

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Modifying Your 4x4 To Perfectly Suit Your Needs

90 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Parts Installed

We back ourselves and the quality of our parts and fittings. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the part or accessory you’ve purchased, or there is an issue with your fitting – simply let us know and we’ll fix the issue or happily refund every single dollar you’ve paid us.

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Modifying Your 4x4 To Perfectly Suit Your Needs

Our Clients Keep Coming Back Because We Give You Expert Advice And Good Old-Fashioned Service

Took the new 150 Prado in to get it all tow ready (air bags, tow pro brake controller and new plug receiver for the van). Had a pretty good idea what I wanted, but always good and reassuring to talk to guys who know what they are talking about because they get off road and tow themselves. Very tidy work, super happy with the finish and cheaper than a couple of the bigger name stores. Paul Haigh
We got a light bar fitted by these guys. Service was fantastic. Have had dealings with both Aaron and Steve. Both knowledgeable about the products and cars, not pushy either. Will definitely be going back there again and highly recommend these guys. Know what they are talking about. Paul Robinson
Great customer service, friendly staff. I've had my vehicle serviced twice, was advised on up coming maintenance. No hesitation in recommending this company. Noeline McLeod
Great service. Good range of products. Knowledgeable sales people. PJ Stonie
Very friendly and helpful staff. Did a great job on our Toyota Landcruiser. Max Narayana
Awesome service by the guys down at Coastal 4x4.. Got air bag suspension install done by them. Quick and professionally done.. Wen Chong
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