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5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a 4×4 Suspension System

Having a tough time figuring out what kind of suspension lift kit to install on your 4WD? 

You’re not the only one. What is the best 4×4 suspension for my car? When it comes to choosing the right suspension system for your rig it all comes down to how well it performs with the demands of your lifestyle. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who destroys Mundaring Powerlines each weekend or spend your weekend’s adventuring and kicking back with the fam, here are 5 factors to consider when choosing a 4×4 suspension kit.

Overall weight capacity

Gross Vehicle Mass or GVM is the maximum your vehicle can weigh when it’s fully loaded as per the manufacturer. You’ll need to take into consideration everything you load up onto the fourbie before an adventure. This can include camping essentials, fishing gear, extra fuel/water tanks, items loaded on the roof rack, and more. All this extra weight can decrease the overall performance and safety of your vehicle.


The terrain you’ll be driving on largely contributes to the type of suspension you choose. If you only plan on using your 4×4 in an urban environment then you probably won’t need that $3,500 suspension upgrade. That said, if you do plan on pushing the limit of your 4WD or interested in trying your hand at some off-roading, then we recommend that you upgrade your suspension kit.


Durability all depends on what activities you get up to each weekend and the terrain you drive on. If you spend most of your time trekking through various off-road tracks or travel to remote locations then you’ll want to opt for heavy-duty shock absorbers.


As we all know, as human beings comfort becomes one of our top priorities. After all, I can’t think of anything worse than driving more than 5 hours in the car and copping every single bump. If you spend a lot of time driving or traveling to remote areas with occasional off-roading, you’ll want to choose a suspension system that adds comfort. 

4WD Flexing

Once you’ve found out your total weight capacity, next comes 4WD flex. The best way to describe it is — do you go off-road sometimes vs do you hit up WA’s most hectic off-road tracks EVERY weekend? The amount of flex will decide how planted your tyres are to the ground (traction) and influence vehicle tilt. The more flex you have the easier it is to drive through deep, muddy ruts and decreases the chances of rolling.

Thinking about a suspension upgrade and not sure where to start? 

Book in a free 15-minute suspension information session with Coastals today to find out everything you need to know about the limitations of your vehicle and how you can maximise it with the right 4×4 suspension kit.