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How to Identify a Failing Differential

How to Identify a Failing Differential

No matter what type of car you drive, a failing differential spells trouble. At Coastals, our Perth professionals specialise in providing expert advice and services when it comes to diff repairs and reconditioning.

Check out our handy guide for understanding the noises and sounds coming from your car and get a head start on deciphering them. Chat with our diff specialists to find out more on repairing your differential.

Recognising Differential Problems

From complex issues to simple and straightforward fixes, failing differentials can cause a range of problems for your car. The simplest way to recognise differential problems is to listen to your vehicle. If you’re hearing howling, clunking or any type of strange noise, have your differential checked out.

If your car has exceeded its gear oil service interval, or if you hear the differential acting up, it might be time to replace the oil. Make sure to stick to your maintenance schedule to enhance performance and minimise differential problems.

Indicators of a Failing Differential

By learning more about differential sounds, you can quickly identify issues or, at least, get a general idea of what’s going on.

Various situations create rear differential noise, with gear howling being a pretty clear sign of wearing. If howling occurs during deceleration, your pinion-bearing preload could be loosened. Howling under acceleration indicates worn out or misaligned gears. If your gears are newly installed but still howling, double-check your preload and ensure that teeth are aligned.

Whether your car seems to be rumbling, whirring, howling, crunching or making clunky noises, narrowing down the cause is the first step to getting things fixed.

Typical Noises of Differentials in Trouble

As Perth’s experienced diff specialists, the team at Coastals has seen it all. From simple fixes to complicated issues, we know what to look for when it comes to damaged diffs. Here are the most common noises and sounds in damaged differentials and their potential culprits.

  • Howling
    • Loose, faulty or worn pinion bearing preloads or gear sets
  • Rumbling
    • Worn or damaged carrier or wheel bearings
  • Whirring
    • Worn pinion bearings
  • Banging, crunching or clunking
    • Worn clutches, U-joints, axle splines, slip yoke splines or spider gears or improper lubrication
  • Banging or clicking
    • Damaged, chipped or broken pinion gear or ring gear teeth or worn carrier case-side gear bores
  • Vibration
    • Worn U-joint, unbalanced driveshaft or unaligned pinion angle
  • Squeaking
    • Worn or damaged U-joints

Perth’s Experienced Diff Specialists

Coastals provides expert services and advice, including diff repairs and reconditioned differentials. With an unmatched level of expertise, we’re Perth’s diff specialists. Our professionals are able to quickly and precisely identify issues, providing prompt and effective resolutions to get you back on the road.

Offering same day services and up to two years warranty, we give you peace of mind when it comes to your car’s performance. Find out more about our range of diff repair and reconditioning services. Call our experienced team on (08) 9417 9930 today.