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Wheather your out 4X4ing or touring around the country, keeping in touch with people nearby can be a life saving thing. We keep in stock a large range of the most popular radios and antenna’s, so come and discuss uour requirements so you can achieve the best results possible for your communication needs


Choosing the Perfect UHF Radio for Your Outback Adventure

Planning an outback adventure? Don’t forget essential gear like a UHF radio, especially if you’ll be far from city limits. With various UHF options available, from handheld to fixed mount, choosing the right one can be tricky. Here’s a helpful guide to picking the perfect UHF radio for your outback trip:

Identify What Type of User You Are:

  • Hikers and Cyclists:

Handheld Units: Having a 5-watt handheld UHF radio such as the TX6160X with a durable, waterproof design (IP67 rating). Perfect for on-the-go adventurers, you’ll need to be sure it has a long battery life too.

  • Occasional Outbacker:

Casual Travelers: If outback adventures are infrequent, a permanent UHF installation might not be necessary. A portable, plug-and-play UHF solution like the TX3120SPNP will work seamlessly in any vehicle an be swapped to different vehicles as well.

  • The Grey Nomads:

Sticking mostly to paved roads? Look no further than the GME XRS Touring Pack. This pack combines the XRS-330C radio with the AE4018BK1 antenna, creating the ultimate UHF setup for touring vehicles.

  • Venturing Deep:

Serious Outback Travelers: When tackling remote areas with challenging terrain, reliable gear is crucial. The XRS Outback Pack tackles this challenge with ease. It pairs the super-compact XRS-330C radio with the AE4707B medium-duty antenna, built to handle anything the outback throws your way.

  • The Hardcore Off-Roader:

Conquering Tough Tracks: For those who love the most demanding off-road trails, resilience is key. The XRS 4WD Pack is built to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. It combines the XRS-370C radio with the heavy-duty AE4704B antenna, ensuring you stay connected on any adventure.

Keeping the Kids Connected:

  • The Fun Option: Keep your kids connected around camp or while exploring with the TX667, a 1-watt handheld UHF radio, perfect for little adventurers.

Looking for More?

This is just a sample! We offer a wider range of UHF radios and antennas, both fixed mount and handheld, that you can mix and match to create a custom solution for any adventure you have planned. Contact Us for the best advice, service & workmanship.