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Transmission Problems

Transmission Problems: What To Choose From?

We all know about engines, oil, tyres, brakes. All the components that we talk to our mechanic about when we get a service. But when was the last time you had a conversation with a professional about your transmission?

Whether you realise or not, your transmission is constantly being used, and like all mechanical parts will eventually fail. When you start hearing sounds after shifting, or feeling a hesitation when sliding into gear, you may be experiencing the first signs of a failing transmission. So, what are your options?

Rebuilt transmission

A transmission rebuild is often the most comprehensive and long-term fix you can get.  A rebuild involves full disassembly of your transmission. All parts and components are then inspected by our professional team and any parts that are worn, or we are not confident will last, are replaced. Some common failures include gaskets, seals, clutch plates or bearings, or even gears worn down.

Final assembly and testing ensure you drive away with a reliable vehicle. Another advantage in rebuilds is that the manufacturer may have issued new components to remedy engineering faults. This is the best opportunity for us to make your transmission up to date.

Repaired transmissions

Much like a rebuild, a repair involves disassembly of the transmission. The difference here is the level of detail we put into inspection, and this means a more efficient job. Out technicians identify the failed/failing components, make the replacements, test and you are back on the road.

While quick, the big issue with these jobs is the speed. We can get you on the road, but without the time to make a full inspection and identify troublesome parts, we may have you coming back for another repair altogether too soon.

Used transmissions

This is an option that sounds appropriate on the surface, but may be misleading. Firstly, brand new transmissions are often reserved for brand new vehicles. Meaning that any transmission you buy, even from the manufacturer, may have some kilometres already travelled.

Secondly, because these are often removed while operational, your transmission may not have been looked at, disassembled, and checked for wear or updated to the latest manufacturer specifications. This means you may be installing a failure waiting to happen.

Finally, much of the appeal to a replacement is the speed of repair, this can be a misleading thought. Buying online, or ordering from the manufacturer may take some time for shipping. Even though the install process is quite efficient, if we don’t have a transmission to install, there isn’t much we can do to get you driving.

No matter what your preferred option is, at the WA Diff Centre, we specialise in knowing your drivetrain. For over twenty years we have been conducting differential repairs and rebuilding transmissions in Perth.

If you have an issue that needs some work, contact us now and get Perth’s diff repair specialists onto the job.