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What Is A Differential

What Is A Differential

Never heard of a differential? The experts at Coastals are here to give you the lowdown on what a differential actually is and why it’s critical to smooth, safe and reliable driving.

You’ve probably come across vehicles without differentials – like go karts – that offer poor handling and seemingly unpredictable movements. Without a differential, both driving wheels are required to rotate at the same speed, generally fixed on a common axle controlled by a chain-drive mechanism.

In cars, differentials are engineered to effectively drive a pair of wheels at different speeds. Your differential allows you to turn corners and navigate bendy roads smoothly and with control.

Why is a Differential Important to My Car?

Differentials are essential for smooth and safe turning on the roads. As your car nears a bend, its outer wheels need to cover a greater distance by spinning faster than the inner wheels. Non-driven wheels – your two back wheels – aren’t connected and work by following the lead of your driven wheels.

When you accelerate, your engine’s torque is delivered through your gearbox and differentials to the two wheels on the axle. Thanks to your differential, torque is split evenly while rotational speeds can differ.

If you didn’t have a differential in your car, you’d find it near impossible to turn your vehicle on high-friction surfaces. With no differential fitted, you’d probably experience excessive mechanical stress in your driveshaft and risk complete failure.

Taking Care of Your Differential

As the differential sits at the rear and under the car, it’s often overlooked and overshadowed by the engine up front. It can be easy to forget just how important it is to keep your differential maintained and cared for properly.

The best way to keep your differential functioning at its best is by staying up to date with your scheduled servicing, manufacturer recommendations and oil changes.

Reliable Diff Repairs in Perth

Now that you know why differentials are important, it’s time to take proper care of them. Critical to your car’s handling and performance, the team at Coastals specialise in 9 inch diff conversions, diff reconditioning and diff repairs in Perth.

As Perth’s diff specialists, we offer fast and effective same day services to get you back on the roads fast. For expert advice on diff repairs and services, call our professionals today on (08) 9417 9930.