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4WD Electrical

Power Up Your Adventure: Essential Aftermarket Electrical Upgrades for Your 4WD

For dedicated tourers and campers, a 4WD vehicle is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a portal to adventure. But venturing beyond the beaten path often means venturing beyond the capabilities of your stock 4WD electrical system. To truly unlock your 4WD’s potential, consider these aftermarket upgrades:

  1. Dual Battery Systems:

The cornerstone of any serious 4WD electrical setup is a dual battery system. This separates the starting battery (essential for engine ignition) from a secondary deep-cycle battery dedicated to powering your auxiliary equipment. This ensures you never drain your starting battery, leaving you stranded in the wilderness.

  1. Solar Panels for Caravans & 4WDs

If your planning to park up, off the grid for more than a few days then you might want to consider installing some solar panels for your caravan or camper. This will enable you to recharge your battery during daylight hours, extending your ability to stay for longer. Solar panels can be fitted to the roof rack on your car or caravan or you can have fold-away ones that you can deploy when required. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right solar panel & charger too. I’d recommend speaking to one of our experts to get the best advise. If you’re only doing a weekend away at a time then you probably don’t need to spend a fortune on these items. However, you do get what you pay for and if you’re a more serious traveller who likes to be off the grid for a while you shouldn’t choose the cheapest solar setup. You don’t want to be miles from nowhere with a warm fridge.

  1. Spotlights, Light Bars, and LED Upgrades:

Night driving especially in the vast areas outside suburbia demands exceptional visibility. Upgrading your headlights with LEDs is a popular first step, offering superior brightness and lower power consumption. For even greater illumination, consider installing spotlights or a light bar on your vehicle. These powerful beams pierce the darkness, helping you navigate tricky terrain and spot potential hazards.

  1. Anderson Plugs: The Universal Power Connection:

Anderson plugs are a must-have for any 4WD towing a caravan or camper trailer. These robust, weatherproof connectors allow you to easily connect and disconnect high-current devices like fridges, winches, and battery chargers. Their simple design and secure connection make them ideal for off-road use.

  1. Custom Switches & Consoles:

Standard 4WD dashboards often lack dedicated controls for auxiliary equipment. Custom switches mounted on your dashboard or centre console put you in command of your electrical system. These switches allow you to easily activate or deactivate spotlights, fridges, or any other connected device.

Planning Your Upgrade Path:

When choosing aftermarket electrical upgrades, consider your individual needs and the type of holidays you plan to do. If you prioritise driving at night to take full advantage of the daylight hours outside the car then invest in a set of good quality spotlights or a light bar and LED upgrades. Are you planning extended camping trips? A dual battery system to power your fridge and other accessories will be essential. Also, if your towing a caravan or camper trailer then providing power to these is best achieved through an Anderson plug. Don’t forget that a lot of caravans and campers will need a brake controller as well.

Our team of experts will help you design a customized upgrade plan that perfectly suits your touring and camping needs. From high-quality parts to professional installation, we ensure your 4WD Electrical system is transformed into a reliable and versatile companion for any expedition.

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