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4X4 Suspension Fitting Problems

Potential Issues Faced When Upgrading 4×4 Suspension

Upgrading suspension components of a 4×4 vehicle is a common modification aimed at improving off-road performance, ride quality, and overall vehicle handling. However, the process is not without its challenges. Fitters may encounter a range of issues that can complicate the upgrade and potentially lead to increased costs and extended fitting time. Understanding these challenges is crucial for vehicle owners considering such modifications.

Poorly Manufactured Parts

One of the issues fitters may face is dealing with poorly manufactured parts. These components might not fit correctly, leading to significant delays and additional work. Ill-fitting parts can cause alignment problems, interfere with other vehicle systems, or even result in unsafe driving conditions. We ensure that high-quality, compatible parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers as this is essential to avoid these complications. This is a classic case of cheaper is not better. Ensuring that top-quality products are used in your vehicle is paramount, we will not compromise your safety.

Interference from Other Aftermarket Accessories

Many 4×4 enthusiasts equip their vehicles with a variety of aftermarket accessories, such as bull bars, winches, exhaust systems and underbody protection. While these additions enhance the vehicle’s functionality and aesthetics, they can create challenges when upgrading suspension components. Fitters may find that some of these accessories interfere with the installation process, requiring additional modifications or the temporary removal of parts. This not only increases the complexity of the job but can also lead to unexpected costs if new brackets or adapters are needed to accommodate the suspension upgrade.

Corroded Bolts and Components

If the vehicle being upgraded isn’t new, another common issue is the presence of corroded bolts and components. Over time, exposure to the elements can cause rust and corrosion, making bolts and other components difficult to remove. In some cases, these components may need to be damaged or cut off, necessitating their replacement. This can significantly extend the time required for the suspension upgrade and increase the overall cost due to the need for new parts.

Unforeseen Costs and Downtime

Upgrading the suspension components of a 4×4 vehicle is a complex task that can present various challenges for fitters. Poorly manufactured parts, interference from other aftermarket accessories, and corroded bolts and components are common issues that can lead to increased costs and extended quoted fitting times. Vehicle owners should be aware of these potential problems and ensure they work with experienced fitters who can navigate these challenges effectively. By understanding the potential pitfalls and planning accordingly, you can avoid surprises and ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process. Rest assured that over the years we’ve seen most of the problems that can occur when fitting suspension to 4×4 vehicles and we know the best course of action to take to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We believe our clients must leave happy and with a smile on their faces after fitting new accessories to their car. If you are thinking of upgrading suspension in your 4×4 then contact us to discuss the best options and receive unbiased advice on the different brands available.

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